About Us

Lapis News is on a mission to make people smile. Harnessing the power of good news, cute animal videos (sorry, but dogs > cats), and extremely punny jokes, we want to make the day of every one of our users better! Especially during a time like this, with political disagreements turning violent, COVID-19 death tolls becoming exponential, and economies crashing, our world is flooded with negativity. Although it may not seem like it, the world is still making several small wins everyday, and even though it doesn’t make the headlines, it may just bring a smile to someone’s face. If you end up downloading Lapis News, we hope you enjoy using it as much as we did making it!

Meet the Founders

Saurav Kumar

Hey! My name is Saurav, and I’m a super passionate software developer. I am the founder, CEO, and developer of Lapis News and a couple of other startups. In my free time, I enjoy programming, catching up on the latest Disney+ Marvel show, and learning about space.

My Website

Amisha Kumar

Hey! My name is Amisha Kumar and I am a junior at Case Western Reserve University pursuing a B.A. in Chemical Biology and Masters of Public Health. I am a cofounder, director of design, and developer for Lapis News. In my free time, I enjoy dancing, going on hikes and spending time with family.

My LinkedIn

Nihaar Charagulla

Hey! I'm Nihaar, the CMO of Lapis News. I love walking my dog, playing video games, and playing sports. You can definitely have a long conversation with me about basketball, football, or video games. I am an avid Speech and Debater, and so I have a lot of knowledge of domestic and foreign policy that I'm always down to talk about.

Jason Cappelloni

Hey! My name is Jason and I am passionate about politics and positivity. I am the COO of Lapis News and help with managing and marketing the app. In my free time, I like to watch football and basketball as well as debate with my friends about United States foreign policy.

Rohit Vakkalagadda

Hey! My name is Rohit, a marketing analytics intern at Lapis News. I love playing video games, playing frisbee, and singing. In my free time, I watch cricket, tennis, or football, and I am an active speech and debater as well.